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>> the choice republicans are making is to put theseeople protect theto payers, the corporatate jet airliners. sequester bla game and the armageddon scenao. >> he proposed it. it's his idea. he signed it io law. now is going to ll u us it's our box >> the cyber wars. china hacng us blind? >> ty are targeting a broad of wetern organizations. sreme courthe the death penalty. >> he might as well p pick a cad the deck to figure penalty.get the death >> not a single justice will say
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is unconstitutional, but someme it's a bad idea. in senate, the brashsh new kid on the block. i was elected t to represent 26 texans and to speak the truth. captioned by t national captioning g institute >> sequestration. march 1st is the deadline. a pentagon warns 800,000 employees will have to and federalleave cut inrs will taka 20% for six months. flying will be a little tougher. long lines at the airport, avel delays. wt to be careful what you eat. food safety inspectors will be effected. fbi and other law enforcent will ta a hit.
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salary for members of congress is safe. they say nonone of this was to happen. >> it was never meant to become unimplemented policy. they face a simple choice. they willing to compromise, protectct vital investments in education, health care, national curity, and all the jobs that depend on them? would rather put hundreds of jobs and our economy at risk to protect a few tax loopholesst benefit the biggest corporatns and wealthy americans? that's the choice. the sequeration was nev as jayo be implemented, carney says, why wasn't implend? the president is the one guy all this andabove he's just playing politics. >> are we having fun yet? we are not. is a sense off sleepwalking towards march 1st.
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republicans are making a serious political mistake to be on the substance of the issue. they are underestimating how much they're going to be blamed for what happened. >> charles, you think the mageddon scenario is being overplayed. is the biggest type says the mayayan calendar. biggest hype. we $0.50 trillion per year and is an $85 billion cut. its a few cents on thehe dollar and it is the end of the wororl? if we cannnnot cut this miniscue amount with trillions of dollars deficits every year, we are heading towards a breeze. make them walk stable. >> does this scare you? iscares me if it goes on
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long.ry we are not greece, but you can get to be agrees witsilliness with nos, responsibilit i think kevin is ght. the president is s leading, bute leading in a direction he wants. is a leading to blame the which i suspect he in. sceed they seem to have this affinity suicide dives. they will get blamed. the only thing is they need to together and obama thinks he them on the ropes. republicans cannot get themselves together. >> we just heard dr. rand paul sequestration was the president's idea. >> who cares whose idea it was. it is the president's responsibility. typical off washington. the blame game. it's the president's responsibility, and particularly a second term president who has just won
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.eelection it is his responsibility to rise above this nonsense. >> i want to show you something. is a cover of a "new york daily news peacoat the speakeker about house comained exiting to the back door. first, the public complaint blameey seemed to president clinton. aftea while, house speaker gingrich''s numbers went down. mostid it was the single mistake. can never be sure how these will play. taking a gamble. >> the gingrich examplis certrtainly instructive. he was "time" of magagazine's mn was atyear and then he littleafavorable, just a on a slow donald trump
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wednesday. really y bad numbers. he never totally recovered from it. politicalat the heading into this confrontation. the president's numbers are at highest point in any time i in half yearsree and late 2009 in his period and republicans arare at their lowes he has a political advantage, make no mistake abouout it. some republicans understand the core of the house want to the this confrontation. >> of my emails are any indication, people are fed up with this. are, but there''s no one to make a deal with right now on the republican side. republicans are very divided. of republicans to have be around for a while, they not like the idea of a significant but portion of the majority wants
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the sequestration. theyhink it's great. result of the redistricting ere no one is really accountable. >> i disagree. the real story here is that pent trillion dollar deficits, $5 trillion one term and he will rack u up $6 trillion in the second term.m. he has not cut a anything. he talks about dealing with the deficit, but there is always a but. , hey time he has a choice not make the cuts. every dollar washington spends, china.comes from somess the cuts began at point, we are heading over a cliff. this is the only time, the only time republicans have a chance. by doing nothing, since it is
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writteinto law, to have the cuts and the president above this.e he is looking ahead to the atbers instead of looking budget of the united states. proposed no cuts. >>t doeses not even seem to be worrying. there is no senseof emergency. the political hacks are so and charging that they only see this in terms of political advantage. there's no sense from the white are worried. >> it is now 30 cents at wee foreignw gettining from powers for each dollar whihich s improment. as the psident's theers on ththe defeficit, collected of income the income tax has bee thehe between 2009-2012 thahan i i past 60 y years, since the korean n war, cents before the medicare and. reality irepublicans have
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increases andtax they're being irresponsible. there is enough irresponsibility the way around. >> you mentionedhina. the way around. >> you mentionedwe're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it meanans cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs.
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use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ >> it is costing hundreds of of dollars and u.s. jobs every year. >> of a countertrorism expert the reagan and both bushes, under and presidentnt clintnton. china has bn waging a cyber warfare and have been doing it for years. been minding the cyber we are engaged elsewhere? there was a bill that had agreed to on cybersecurity. the privacycall went bonkers --
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bananas and bonkers. they flooded and their members congress and there were so that theyey didid not pass anything. not a serious person in hasington of any ideology not known the increasingower is a problem. the president said he will use it.utive power to do all those people who think cyberspace and the internet is an open range and there can regulation, it will come back to haunt us. >> we have a huge defense establishment and have alace where ty'red supposed to know about this stuff. >> it raises strategic queststis not thought through yet. capacity to take much anys off pretty time they want. what we are going to do about
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that, is this a nuclear issue? the we threaten to use nuclear weapons on them? as a whole new realm of that we havenking not thought through. >> they can take our airplanes down and do all kinds s of interesting things. to go back toto the 1940's and 1950's, lucky might could do what is we're working on an offensive cyr war, what yo threaten if you cannot dedefies a defense. if you're going to attack us, we will shut down the lights in beijing anall over china. think we probably have the same capacity. that could b a kind of deterrent to the cyber war to the nuclearr world. >> but how are we playing in stock?f our defense >> is not an open and shut case.
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we have a free society and the is one of the freeest communication in manknkind. earlyn it. do you really y want the government taking control in a protect usuld perhaps and yet be spng on >>ryone at the same time box the military always fights the war. we behind the curve in this conflict? >> i don't know. i do know this. after a six-y-year investigatio, the has been traced to liberation army packing unit. thousands of countries have claims, documents,ll stolen. there has been a reluctance to with this information because they did not want to way they'reny stream out of china. the former nsa d director and ca director, he suggested this week retaliation. stopping the united
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iphones?om buying stopping buying electronics? haveis somethg we wld nationally. china cannot say they want to be of the international community and acts like an ordinary thug breaking into up and down the block. is a new era of an arms race. offense beads defense. hamafor the next cycle is to out our offense against them. >> the best defefense is a good offense. >> no. whatever. [laughter]
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>> the smart a as the men have apply the death penalty rationly. concerned, the figured it out. states with capital have the ghest
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murder rates. states that do n not have the murder rates. go figure. >> veterans of the abc news office out within a book about death penalty. i spoke tohem a few daysfter the georgigia death row prisoner execution by 30 minutes. hell is 53, accused of murdeng his girlfriend. this is not someone you wou take your daughter to the prom, but an appeals courtt decided to take a look at his s status. has an iq of 70, historically as 70 and below is retardation. is -- is it cruel and unusual punishment? the whole thing i is cruel and unusual. any death penay. it cannot be applied fairly. it is the poor people, the badly
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represenented. the people who go into the death chambers. it will never work. >> clay and o'brien say a person kills a black person, not likely. if a black person killing a person, they are more likely. >> is what ththe statiststics s. to clarify, e suation on ople who are financially challenged, the supreme court ruled it is cruel and unusual punishment to execute the retarded, but it leaves it the states to defe that to define it. at some pointnt, it gets very murky. >> martin, a question foyou. maryland is moving closer. martin o'malley, who could be a presidential candidacy monday, is leading the charge. aut theering consequences of executions scheduled for
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year are in texas. meant it, no about it,as been ending pital is nowent, whether it maryland.ntana, what they're facing inaryland that all states -- all jewish, muslim, a protestant, quaker, together inl comingg of this which is interesting. 1973, there have been 140 row agglomerations,here row scheduledth executed as found the evidence to absolves that person. this is something that cannot be reversed. if anyone doubts the political just have to go back to 1992 when n a young democratc arkansas flew all new hampshire back little rock to preside over
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execution of a on who d have an iq in the double digits. be b billt would clinton. >> all these arguments are strong. arguments about o fairness. ththese are irreversible mistak. the strongest argument against penalty, and the one i that you try tos society atvilized level of violence that you can. it is a sign of civilization, that you can administer a society and have it live in peace with as little official violence as you can. that is an argument why, if you abolish it t without all hell , and it can bee because there is no between death rates existence of capital then you should do it. can, we oht to.
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europe lives without a death penalty and murder rates are an infinitely lower than they are here. he has given the argument. there is no evidence tsuggest that it works. it does not stop murder. for thethe argument death penalty? says t theeme court state'believe in retribution. that is a legitimate thing for but it does cost a fortune. litigateforever to cases. it costs hundreds of millilionsf that have the states the death penalty. only on the j tob for
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>> the attentionocused on me, opinion, it is primarily by an effort to distract from the merits of the
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hagel nomination. >> won a 14 senators calling on recall thebama to minanation for senator chuck hagel. the tea party activists love sos guy for being aggressive. thisondering how in hision so early will play on. >> with all the respect to the juor sator from texas, the got was by leaving impression that possibilityreal th chuck hagel had colleed koreang fees from north arabia, which was fabricate, along with the friends of hamas and other bonus contrivants of the tea crowd. this man is not hididing his lit under a a bushel. i love this show. at a time when iran is about to
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go nuclear, we're winding down he gives the worst hearing i havea in 30 years. he is no idea what the of iran means a a senator ss of him will not be bringing the ottega salad to the mensa this weekend we want to about a junior senator from texas? not spoken a lot abou hagel and that's the real issue not spoken about him? >> we have. actually know him because f for years he argued tthe case in th supreme court. wasade sure the attention on him. not a distction. >> there are a lot of demagogue's out there, but not all of them are smart. smart and that makes some potentially dangerous. i notice i you did not ask
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the nominations prospects. >> he is going to get confirmed. >> isn't that an interesting idea? like all good catholic boy will confirmed. but >> and enator shelby will go alo. the distinguished american alabama, a former , now atic senator republican, he switched in 1994, he has announced his support. can i have a quick comme on jesse jackson, jr., a former congressman who pleaded guilty campaign fraud. its a trance -- it's a tragedy. all there and did right things. he worked are. he did not hold preress conferences. i don't know. someone's got to explain it to me. from a timex to an ll
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